(1) Our services to all clients are 100% free.
(2) Standard agent’s fee of 50% is deducted from the tutor’s first 4 weeks of tuition.
(3) Once the tuition commencement date is confirmed, an invoice shall be sent to you. You are required to make payment before the stipulated due date.
(4) Clients are strongly advised not to pay any amount of advance fees to tutors at all times. Raffles Tuition will not be responsible if any disfavourable advance payment incident happens, due to negligence, ignorance or error of clients. However, Raffles Tuition will try to help resolve the matter.
(5) Clients may reserve the rights to pay tutors at the end of every lesson (after settling the first 2 weeks’ agent fees), every 2 weeks or end of 4 weeks’ tuition.
(6) Clients should not pay the agent fees to tutor without notifying and agreed upon by Raffles Tuition.
(7) Should payment be delayed due to postponing of tuition, busy schedule etc, clients are required to inform by call/ sms/ email to Raffles Tuition or tutors (if payment is due/overdue) to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes.

(8) Clients are required to call/ sms/ email to agent once payment has been made.
(9) Clients are required to complete at least 1 lesson after confirmation. After the first lesson, clients can decide to continue or change tutor. Clients need to inform Raffles Tuition regarding the termination or replacement of tutor. Payment will be pro-rated on the number of lessons completed. Raffles Tuition will expedite immediately to find a replacement tutor.
(10) Clients may request the tutor to bring their relevant certificates on the first day of tuition. Raffles Tuition will not send tutors documents due to privacy and security acts.
(11) We need the understandings of clients to provide some basic info or details in order to do the right matching of suitable tutors.
(12) Clients are required to inform tutors at least 2 hrs in advance regarding any delay of tuition time on the day of tuition. 24-hrs advanced notice if any changes, postponement or rescheduling of tuition date/ time. Failing which(to be fair to tutor), the client shall be liable to pay for transport costs, and the login time alloted for tuition for that particular lesson. Raffles Tuition will reserve the rights to review, discount or waive charges on mutual agreements on a case to case basis.

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