(1) One-time commission charge of 50% of the first 4 weeks’ tuition fees.
(2) Tutors will collect their 50% tuition fees from parents/ tutees at the end of 4 weeks’ tuition. Thereafter, from the second month onwards, tutor shall collect full payment of tuition fees.
(3) Tutors are strictly not allowed to collect any amount of advance payment from parents/ tutees or their related family members.
(4) Tutors are not allowed to collect any payment in advance or after starting tuition on behalf of Raffles Tuition, unless notified, instructed and agreed upon by Raffles Tuition.
(5) Tutors are not supposed to request for an increase in tuition fees during the same academic year of the tutees. Circumstances can be reviewed if subjects or time are added, and mutually agreed between parent and tutor.
(6) Tutors are not supposed to call/ whatsapp/ email, chasing Raffles Tuition to enquire any tuition job arrangeable for them, as this will greatly affect our working system and add on to our work load. Raffles Tuition reserves the right to contact tutors to get further updated info only if any assignment is suitable for them.
(7) Tutors must be familiar with their teaching subject and content.
(8) Tutors must check tutee’s location convenience before replying and accepting the job.
(9) Tutors must inform Raffles Tuition if not accepting any more student, or wish to delete from tutors registered lists.Tutors need to furnish registered name, NRIC, address, id number for us to easily track records.
(10) No binding contract for parent/ tutee/ tutor.

(11) Tutor is strongly encouraged not to terminate tuition within the first 4 weeks, or else payment will be affected, waived or forfeited.
(12) Tutors should produce proof, academic certificates or other verifications on the first day of tuition.
(13) Tutors are advised to be punctual or arrive 10-15 mins earlier, especially on the first lesson.
(14) Parent/ tutee should be well informed if there is any lateness, delay or postponement of tuition lesson.
(15) All tutors are required to sms Raffles Tuition after reaching the tutee’s place on the first day of tuition, before starting the tuition.
(16) Tutors are advised to switch off their handphone or set it to silent mode during lesson. Games playing and frequent personal contacting are strictly not allowed during lesson time.
(17) Tutors must inform and seek agreement from parents/ tutees beforehand if need to purchase any study materials such as assessment books.
(18) Tutors are advised to speak positively with encouraging words to the tutees at all times. Negative remarks will have negative impacts.
(19) Tutors are not supposed to preach religion or inquisitively chitchat and find out the backgrounds of tutee’s family members.
(20) Tutors are responsible for their own behaviour, acts and moral conducts at all times.

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