Raffles Tuition started out in 1985. We aspire to help students cope with their schoolwork, understand better what they are learning in school, relieve their stress by not falling behind studies, by introducing good tuition teachers. Our mottos are:

  • Be honest. Do not lie or cheat clients about tutors qualifications or experiences in order to close deals.
  • Be hardworking. We worked very hard, even off office hours, to do the back end job of searching and matching the most suitable tutors for our clients. We do not believe in pushing any ‘Tom, Dick or Harry’ tutor to any of our client, though it works faster and easier for us. We would not be happy if our client is not happy.
  • Be trustworthy. Truthful to our clients at all times. We say what we can do and deliver. Many clients trusted us and engaged ONLY our services and lasted for years till their children O/A levels, Poly graduated. We truly appreciated and very thankful to all our clients who had chosen us, stayed with us, dearly trusted us and strongly supported us throughout their childrens very important academic years.
  • Be caring. We lend an attentive listening ears to hear our clients requests, instructions or any matter issues at all times.
  • Be dedicated wholeheartedly. We are committed, dedicated with a sincere heart to do our very best for all our clients.

In the past, we have also organised tuition classes(Kindergarten, Pr, Sec, JC) for various RC (Residents Committee) and CC (Committee Centres). We had helped to organise classes for various Primary Schools. We had also provided free class tuition for needy families.

We have served countless students/parents in our 32 long years of education service. Countless students had graduated to become doctors,lawyers, University lecturers, Sch teachers, Poly, JC lecturers, engineers, IT professionals……etc. Our students success is our pride. We are fully confident to produce batches after batches of excellent students academic achievements to join the workforce and return the goodness to serve the society and country.

Our successful matching rate is above 90%. Every parent hope to pay what their money is worth for. In the past and current, we do have tutors proven to help students from failed to passed after 1~2 months tuition, and thereby progressing to score B or A. Most of our tutors had helped students improved their grades 1~3 grades higher.

We are not miracles creators,but sometimes without mentioning or keeping in mind, miracles do happen though. But miracles do not happen everytime and to everyone. We always believe on continuous hardwork, endurance and perseverance to make miracles happen. We, as agent, will input our effort and hardwork to get good tutor for every student.50% from tutor, 50% from student, a combination of 100% hard work surely can see improvements and better results.

There are also many other factors affecting tuition besides teaching part. Factors such as attitude, behaviour problems, lateness, frequent cancellation of lessons, negative remarks, rudeness, disrespect etc. Agent can assure the quality of tutors academic credentials and experiences. If a tutor is not able to teach accordingly to the subject content, teach wrongly or unable to solve any question, tuition fee shall be waive off for that lesson. This is our assurance to provide quality tutors, and also to relieve the worries of clients paying for disqualified tutors.

It is important to attach to a reputable agency that work diligently, wholeheartedly, aiming to pull  up your child’s grades and there awaiting upon to service you for years.

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